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DVD Review: Kidnapped (1971)

Kidnapped With so many fine Scottish actors around at the time, you do wonder why Michael Caine was cast as Alan Breck in the 1971 adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel Kidnapped, which has just been reissued on DVD.

In truth, Caine does a decent job of playing Scottish rebel, even if the accent drifts into the native cockney every now and again. Breck meets up with David Balfour (Lawrence Douglas), a young lad betrayed by his uncle and sold to sea. When the crew realises there's a price on Breck's head, they plot to hand him over to the authorities.

Breck and Balfour fight their way out, aided by the undermanned ship hitting the rocks - leaving them back on the Scottish coast. Both need to make it inland to Edinburgh, but need to avoid the Redcoats to make it one piece.

And it's a solid slab of entertainment. As I mentioned earlier, Caine isn't perfect for the role, but he carries it off well enough, aided throughout by a top-notch supporting cast, including the likes of Trevor Howard, Jack Hawkins, Donals Pleasence and Gordon Jackson.

The plot only has one foot in historical accuracy, there's not really a lot of action for such a violent period of time and the ending seems a bit premature, but what it lacks in fact, it makes up for as a well-worked piece of fiction. And you can't ask for better scenery than rural Scotland or a better man to do a score than Roy Budd.

A good flick for a lazy Sunday afternoon, though not one of Caine's finest.

Extras on the DVD:

Theatrical trailer
Archive interviews with Michael Caine from the 1970s and 1980s
On-set feature
Image gallery

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