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The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) heads to Blu-ray


Some movies go to Blu-ray and you just think 'whatever'. That's not going to be the case with the Blu-ray arrival of The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Optimum is releasing Nic Roeg's science-fiction cult classic for the first time in high-definition in April, a movie with stunning visuals and David Bowie in his 'think white duke' pomp as the lead character, Thomas Jerome Newton. Your TV is probably salivating at the prospect right now.

Plot? Weird. Essentially, Thomas Jerome Newton (Bowie) crash lands on Earth from his dying planet, subsequently using his superior intelligence to build a vast business empire. As he takes on, and beats, every US corporation, his true purpose is less obvious - to save his dying world from agonising death by drought. However, the ageless Newton has more battles to face on Earth, as he becomes prey to lust, alcohol, business rivals, and the US Government. Yes, it's a satire of sorts, taking aim at the modern world as it was in 1976.

No details of extras as yet, but as the package has been delayed slightly, we're expecting a lot from it. Check lit the trailer below if you've never seen it before.You can also pre-order a copy now at Amazon for £12.93.



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