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Countess Dracula Special Edition (1971)

Countess A genuine Brit horror classic gets the reissue treatment in September, with the return of Hammer's Countess Dracula, along with a whole host of extras.

Ingrid Pitt stars as Countess Elisabeth (inspired by the real-life Erzebeth Bathory), a hardline medieval European ruler who accidentally discovers that the blood of a chambermaid makes her skin youthful. She slaughters the girl and bathes in her blood to restore her looks.

With the key to eternal youth, she coerces her lover (Captain Dobi) into abducting a string of virgins to keep her in blood - and looks. Yes, it's classic bonkers Hammer - and all the better for it.

This new version comes packed with extras, including an audio commentary with Ingrid Pitt and horror experts Kim Newman and Stephen Jones, an archive news clip covering of fifty years of Hammer, an archive interview with Ingrid Pitt, a Thriller episode featuring Ingrid Pitt, Conceptions of Murder: Peter and Maria – a 1970 play about mass murder - and of course, the ubiquitous theatrical trailer.

It's available to buy from 11th September - hopefully we'll have a review online before then.

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