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DVD review: Mister Jericho (1969)

Misterjericho_1 If you've heard of Mister Jericho at all, it's probably because you're an Avengers fan.  Directed by Sidney Hayers (Avengers/The Persuaders), written by Philip Levene (The Avengers), scored by Laurie Johnson and starring Patrick Macnee, it's got all the ingredients of a must-have for Avengers fans.

Except, this isn't like the Avengers.

This made for TV movie from 1969 is more in line with director Sidney Hayer's Persuaders TV shows - crime and the playboy lifestyle in the hotspots (or should that be cool spots) of late 60s Europe. Macnee is Mister Dudley Jericho, a flash conman who sets out to rob corrupt millionaire Victor Rosso (Herbert Lom) of his legendary Gemini diamond.

Rosso is obsessed with obtaining the stone’s twin so Jericho obtains a perfect fake of the stone as part of his plan to swindle Rosso. But after a quick swap of the diamonds (so he has the real one to sell), a mysterious woman from Paris called Mademoiselle Claudine (Connie Stevens) appears, claiming she is the owner of the twin Gemini diamond. After that, it's a game of conman (and woman) cat and mouse, with the two diamond sellers vying to convince Rosso that they've got the stone he wants.

The budget obviously wasn't huge, so a good storyline was essential. Luckily, it had one. It drags a bit in the middle, but the latter stages are unexpected, with a couple of clever twists to bring it to life. You can't help thinking it could have been packed into a one-hour show and the final minutes are a bit cheesy, but it's still solid entertainment. Also worth mentioning a top-notch theme tune, written by George Martin/Don Black and sung by Lulu and some fantastically bright late 60s fashions -  mostly inappropriate for a man of Macnee's age (and a million miles from the bowler and three-piece of The Avengers).

Certainly one for ITC and Avengers fans - and indeed, anyone who likes a 60s crime caper.

Extras on the DVD:

Two Patrick Macnee interviews (from 1986 and 1997), Herbert Lom interview (from 1982), photo gallery.


John kidd

Mister jerico was in fact seen in cinemas in 1970.
It became the supporting film to the latest in the run of the carry on films
carry on loving.

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