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Magic (1978)

Magic Returning to DVD this Monday (21st August) is Magic, a supremely odd psych-thriller directed by Richard Attenborough and starring Anthony Hopkins as Corky, a briliant magician hindered by shyness - getting round the problem by introducing a ventriloquist's dummy (Fats) to the act - with much success.

Things go well, but with a TV series looming, Corky goes into a panic, fleeing to a remote cabin (with Fats), run by his former teenage crush, Peg. The pair get close  - and it could be goodbye to the showbiz career - but Fats the dummy has other (murderous) ideas.

This new version from Anchor Bay is a two-disc set, the first disc featuring the movie, the second disc including a "Screenwriting For Dummies" featurette; a "Fats And Friends" featurette; an interview with cinematographer Victor J. Kemper; an interview with Anthony Hopkins; an Anthony Hopkins radio interview;  English and Spanish radio spots;  English and Spanish TV spots;  English trailers and a still gallery.

And if you want an idea of the movie, check out this TV spot (which was pulled because it was too scary for kids) and this clip of Corky and Fats.

Find out more about the DVD at


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