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DVD Review: Man About The House Series 5

Manaboutthehouse I've been spending the post-Christmas weeks staying in and catching up with some viewing, including a glut of reissued 70s sitcoms, including Man About The House - The Complete Fifth Series.

With this being series five, there's not much to add to what's already been said. If you've never encountered the show, it revolves around three young people (the point being stretched in the case of Richard O'Sullivan) who rent a house above the property owners, a battling couple going by the name of George and Mildred (who got their own successful sitcom as a spin-off).

At the time it was probably quite racy - a man sharing a flat with two women could still raise eyebrows, but it never goes beyond a spot of flirting and a few suggestive comments in the flat. And it doesn't really need the smut - it's a well-written comedy, obviously on a budget judging by the lack of locations used, and featuring some top-notch comedy performers.

The plots aren't groundbreaking - buying a video camera, piano lessons, Robin gets a job, fighting over a Frank Sinatra ticket and probably the most controversial of the lot - cannabis growing in the back garden. But that doesn't matter, because they're funny - and that's all a sitcom has to be.

If you like your 70s sitcoms, buy it - it's still as entertaining as ever, but now adds nostalgia to the mix. But as it's series five, make sure you buy the other four series first.

Extras on the DVD:


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Of course, for Americans, this is the source material adapted for _Three's Company_.

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