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Rarely seen Tintin live-action flick at the NFT

Tintin Some years back, whilst browsing through a Parisian movie store, I saw a poster for a live-action Tintin movie. On returning home I tried to track a copy down - without luck. And I've struggled to this day. But finally I'll get a chance to see Tintin and the Golden Treasure (or Tintin et le mystère de la toison d’or) as it's showing at the NFT2 as part of Tintin Night.

The night itself is the first in as series of events at the NFT under the Flipside banner, which promises "to seek out film and TV that is weird, wonderful, offbeat, unseen, outrageous and downright unlikely – from the trashy to the terrific – combining main features with way-out extras, in search of strange new worlds of cinematic experience."

Which all sounds fantastic to us.

The Tintin Night is on Monday March 5th at NFT2, kicking off at 6:30pm. The ultra-rare English language version of the live-action Tintin movie from 1961 isn't an original Hergé story, but it's very true to the printed tales, with the added bonus of a 60s Europop soundtrack.

And in a supporting role is Opening Shots: Tintin (LWT 1994; 25 mins), in which Hergé’s biographer Harry Thompson investigates the Tintin phenomenon; rare footage of Hergé speaking in English about his creation (from the 1975 BBC programme Them and Us: Belgium); and Tintin as a Mastermind subject (BBC 2004).

Find out more at the NFT website


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