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Tribute to...Sandor Eles

Sandor Who is he?
Hungarian-born actor and cult film and TV  regular in the 1960s and 1970s.

High point?
A leading role in the Avengers spin-off movie And Soon The Darkness (as the mysterious man on the Lambretta) and as the lover in Hammer's historical epic Countess Dracula, but was a regularly-seen as an "exotic" character in just about every cult TV show in the 60s.

Low point?
Long-running role as a maitre de in dodgy 1970s soap opera Crossroads.

Where are they now?
Sadly, Sandor died of a heart attack in 2002, aged just 66.

What to buy?
Everyone should own a copy of And Soon The Darkness, a tense thriller set in rural France.



Congrats on getting mentioned in The Guardian today!

June Williams

Am very sad to hear of Sandor's death. We met him in Scotland when he was at the Pitlochry Festival in 1964 and remained good friends for many years. We lost contact. He rang us out of the blue in 1999 and we met and had supper with him - it was so lovely. We then saw him do the Prologue at the Albert Hall in Blackbeard's Castle. He was ill. He moved and we heard nothing. Never questioned the year or so, because he would lose touch and then there would
be a call. We were concerned but had no tel no that was active and no new address. Thank you for your site and now we know. Best wishes, keep his memory safe. The Reverend D Williams and June. RIP

Elizabeth Valenti

I was very sad to hear of the death of Sandor, now a long time ago. Like the previous comment, I had lost touch with him as he was inclined to disappear in difficult times. My then husband & i first met him in the 60's in London at the house of a mutual friend, when he was at the hight of his powers. We went to the premier of his films with him. As far as we were concerned he was a friend & we were most impressed by the fans who would be waiting for him at the stage door. He was always amusing & we used to enjoy playing charades with him in his very actor-ish way. I last saw him in Cheltenham when he stayed with us while playing in Chekov's Cherry Orchard at the Everyman in the lat 80's. We miss him.

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