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Cult Clip: Village of the Giants (1965)

In the campy science fiction film Attack of the Giants (1965) a group of party loving and rebellious American teens ingest a strange substance called “Goo” that makes them turn into giants. Afterward they use their giant size to terrorize the locals of a small town. It’s based on a story by H.G. Wells, but thankfully for us the movie doesn't have that much in common with Wells’ original story.

A very young Beau Bridges stars as the the gang leader of the “Giants” and the British influenced American rock band The Beau Brummels makes an appearance. Also look for a young Toni Basil in one of her earliest film roles as “Red.”

This fun movie is available on DVD from MGM as part of their great “Midnight Movie” series and also includes the 1958 film Attack of the Puppet People which isn’t exactly as entertaining as the Village of the Giants.

Visit Amazon for more information about the Village of the Giants DVD and enjoy this great trailer for the film which features lots of dancing giants!

- Kimberly Lindbergs


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