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Cult Clip: Three Minute Heroes (1982)

Although we look back dew-eyed about the classic Play For Today series, the BBC were starting to think it a bit "old hat" by the time the 80s came around - and tried to make it more "down with the kids". The result were plays like Three Minute Heroes.

It's set in Coventry in 1982, based around the youth cults of the day - mods, skins, two tone, punk etc. The story, watching it back now, is pretty poor - but the footage it provides of the day is pretty much essential.

Here's a short clip, with a black youth harassing a gang of mods at the multi-storey car park. More clips possibly to follow.



excellent! i've been looking for a copy of this for years - any ideas? thanks...

David Walker

Well, my copy was taped off TV by a 1982. Sadly, the last 5 or so minutes is cut off, so not complete.

The only other mention if this is when it was shown at the BFI as part of a St Etienne TV season. Certainly not available anywhere on DVD - and unlikely ever to be.


ahh the clip makes me want to see that film

but dunno how to get a copy im sure the bbc have it in the achiaves or whatever u call them

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