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The Noose (1948)

Greville As well as the predictable list of titles, the BBC's Summer of British Film has seen some real gems unearthed for TV screening - including The Noose from 1948.

It's nigh-on impossible to get a copy of this movie, so well done the Beeb for showing it. Directed by Edmond T. Greville (pictured here - who you may know from Beat Girl), it's a typically sensationalist flick about a Soho crime boss and club owner - Sugiani (played by Joseph Calleia) and the 'brains' behind his organisation, Bar Gorman, dressed in full spiv uniform and bizarrely, like an early Kenneth Williams in both voice and mannerisms.

When yet another 'victim' is found washed up in the River Thames, reporter Linda Medbury (Carole Landis) takes it upon herself to challenge Sugiani. And with the aid of her boyfriend Jumbo Hoyle (Derek Farr) and a gang of boxers, market porters and taxi drivers, they take on Sugiani - dressed, rather strangely, in Chelsea football shirts.

It's a strange and indeed wonderful film. Slangtastic, full of caricature-like characters and dominated by the two villains - the smooth Italian Sugiani and the loud, wise-cracking Gorman in his cool spiv regalia. At times gritty, at other times amusing (intentionally or not), it's a real lost gem of British cinema. And as some so-called classics get their fourth reissue on DVD, this still isn't available.

Hopefully you caught it on TV this week. If not, there's always a chance it might show again. If it doesn't, we'll have to hope someone who owns the rights reads this and gives it the shelf space it deserves.


Chris Smedley

I'd love to get the rights to this, and indeed many more old classics. If anyone has a copy, and indeed if anyone knows who the rights holders are, then I would be very interested.


renown pictres ltd

Owned by Renown Pictures Ltd - due to be released on DVD Christmas 2009
the Home Of The British B Feature

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