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Coming soon: Viva (2009)

Not only director, writer and producer, Anna Biller also heads up the cast of the forthcoming sexploitation tribute/spoof flick Viva.

Variety describes Viva as a 'a spot-on spoof of low-grade late 60s/early 70s sexploitation flicks', or if you prefer, a colour-saturated parody of the kind of thing Herschell Gordon Lewis and Russ Meyer were knocking out 'back in the day'. In fact, it's so realistic, you'll probably presume it's another lost gem from that era.

Biller stars as Barbi, a bored suburban housewife with a workaholic husband, Rick (Chad England), who, although perfect in most ways is indifferent to her 'physical and emotional needs'. To get through the monotony of her days, Barbi turns to her wealthy, swinging neighbours, Sheila (Bridget Brno) and Mark (Jared Sanford) - dragging Barbi into the 60s sexual revolution. Changing her name to Viva, the housewife laps it up, from bisexual liaisons to psychedelic, drug-fuelled orgies.

Look out for it in selected (arthouse) cinemas from 15th May 2009, with a DVD launch in June. Want to see the trailer? Check it out below...although it's not entirely safe for work...


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