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Coming to DVD: Mad Monster Party (1967)


Ever heard of Mad Monster Party? Probably not - but you really should.

We did a feature on it on this very site some time back, but if you missed that, let's just say it's a Rankin Bass production, starring Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller, with a plot revolving around a retirement bash organised by Dr Frankenstein.

Oh yes - the house band is a group of skeletons inspired by the Beatles and pretty much a shoe-in for a Nuggets compilation. Hugely influential (Tim Burton is obviously a fan) and really hard to find, it's finally making it to DVD next month. In fact, you can pre-order now at Amazon for around £10 Check out the trailer below and see over the page for an image of that skeleton band.

Find out more at the Amazon website




good news, though it's not exactly /that/ rare to find. the quite decent code 1 dvd has been out for years. of course, you need a regionfree player for this. but are there still film buffs without one?

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