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Swinging London flick Haunted House of Horror (1969) gets a DVD reissue


A movie we've raved about in the past gets a new DVD reissue courtesy of Odeon - Haunted House of Horror.

We could ramble on for some time about the movie, with facts like David Bowie being first choice for the lead, the movie being a 60s spotter's dream (see the Carnaby Street scenes)  and the fact that it was actually filmed in Southport rather than London in the main. All true. In fact, the Haunted House of Horror is still around to view and will soon be made into apartments - you can find out more about that here.

But let's stick to the film, which has a cast of hipsters and the rather long in the tooth Frankie Avalon. These hipsters are bored at a party, so drive to an old mansion for kicks. But that laughter turns to fear when one of them is killed in a frenzied knife attack.

This new release includes a director's commentary, a set of trailers and a booklet written by the director. Released on November 28th and available to pre-order now, it's yours for £9.70.

Find out more at the Amazon website


Tom Lisanti

Great news. You can read about the late Jill Haworth's recollections of making the movie in my book Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema.

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