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Konga (1961) - British B-movie monster flick heads to DVD via Network


King Kong has a lot to answer for. Like Konga for example, a 1960s b-movie, which just happens to be getting a reissue from Network.

Described as 'an alternative interpretation of the King Kong Story' and released on DVD on 13th May 2013, it stars Michael Gough as Dr Decker, a botanist and university professor, but also the sole survivor of a plane crash in Africa.

When he returns from the jungle he brings with him a baby chimpanzee (Konga). During the course of his experiments, Decker discovers a serum that causes Konga to grow to the size of a gorilla – and, eventually, to obey his will. Encountering both opposition to his experiments and following a love affair thwarted by a rival, he decides to put the super-sized ape to terrifying use by terrorising London.

Originally produced by Anglo-Amalgamated, it is finally available in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements in its as-exhibited cinema aspect ratio. Special features too, including the original theatrical trailer, an image gallery and press material PDFs.

If you want to pre-order, Amazon is doing it for £7.25.

Find out more at the Amazon website


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